Tyler GT®

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Every now and then, a new idea comes along that revolutionizes an industry. Tyler Truss Systems is proud to introduce the new line of Green Truss (GT ®) and accessories. Engineered from the ground up, GT ® Truss is designed with you in mind. Load it up and keep your cases at home. That means less truck weight and less truck space. Once you're there, roll it to the truck and into place. Less setup time and less labor needed.

Tyler GT® Truss Weights With Legs Without Legs Leg Weight
2' Tyler GT® N/A 65 lbs. N/A
5' Tyler GT® 160 lbs. 104 lbs. 56 lbs.
8' Tyler GT® 192 lbs. 128 lbs. 64 lbs.
10' Tyler GT® 212 lbs. 144 lbs. 68 lbs.
Tyler GT® Truss Accessory Weight
GT Load Bearing Corner Block 115 lbs.
GT Load Bearing Corner Block With Legs 176 lbs.
GT Non Load Bearing Corner Block 90 lbs.
GT Bookend Hinge Horizontal 64 lbs.
GT Bookend Hinge Vertical 68 lbs.
GT Leg Cart Set (1 Piece) 18 lbs.
GT Lift Assist Set (1 Piece) 43 lbs
GT Snap Brace 4 lbs.
GT Martin Mac 3000 Spacer 1 lb.
GT Lift Point 14 lbs.