Tyler Centerline

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Tyler Truss Systems, Inc. introduces the new Tyler Centerline™ truss, a revitalization of standard box truss designs. Centerline™ truss replaces the traditional 20.5” box truss with a 16” wide by 20” design that is actually stronger than its predecessor. With this form factor Tyler Centerline™ is capable of increasing 20.5” truss truck pack density by 50%. A center cord along the bottom allows technicians to hang lighting, projection, or other fixtures at the truss’ natural center of gravity. Simply put: No more truss roll. Horizontally oriented spigot connections allow for quick and easy assembly of long truss runs and corner blocks will no longer be necessary to create non-load bearing corners. Oversized locators on the bottom of each end “lock” Tyler Centerline™ for safer stacking when transporting the truss.